Editor’s Choice: The Most Affordable and Most Highly Acclaimed Artificial Intelligence Master’s Degrees in the Country

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Artificial intelligence degree programs are a new development in the computer science world. There aren’t a lot of them yet, and though you can count on some consistency in the basic components of the curriculum, the similarities often end there. Even among AI degrees with similar titles, there can be significant differences in focus, orientation, and intent.

What’s concrete, though, is that you’re going to be breaking new ground as a student in one of these programs.

As the field of study comes into its own, identifying a program with the right kind of focus, and then selecting one that is both exceptional and practical, is also going to mean treading into some uncharted territory.

We’re here to light the way and help you sort through the options. We’ve taken a careful look at every AI master’s degree and post-degree certificate program in the country. We’ve seen what they have in common and what they do differently. And we’ve put together some great resources from what we’ve found.

Selecting the Right AI Master’s Presents Some Heavy Considerations

When you’re working on a technology that is going to change the world in ways that haven’t happened since the invention of the internet, you had better get it right.

In artificial intelligence, your choice of university is even more important than in other fields. That’s not just because of the complex academic and scientific knowledge required in the field. It’s also because university research programs are still the places where many of the biggest breakthroughs are taking place.

Your choice of university and degree in artificial intelligence will shape your expertise, and your opportunities.

You have the chance to be there when the next big thing happens in AI development, and possibly learn under the guidance of professors who make history.

You’ll need to find the program that not only leads you toward the kind of career you want in AI, but one that fits your needs. Finances, locations, specializations – all these things factor into enrollment choices. You might not even need a full degree. Graduate and postgraduate certificate programs may be the better choice for anyone with a strong background in fields like computer science and statistics.

You can see how your goals and needs aren’t necessarily the same as the next person’s.

Finding a Master’s Degree in AI You Can Afford with the Lowest Cost Options in America

dollar hologramAt the advanced levels where most AI degree programs happen, the price tags can be hefty. According to the National Center for Education Statistics, the average cost for a year of graduate-level studies weighs in at almost $20,000 in tuition and fees alone.

That quickly puts some of the higher-priced top-flight programs way out of reach for the average student.

But it doesn’t put a lucrative and successful AI career out of reach.

When cost is a consideration, as it is for nearly everyone, you’ll want to explore our list of the…

Most Affordable Master’s Degrees and Graduate Certificate Programs in Artificial Intelligence

These are all high-quality programs offered through accredited universities that have taken steps to keep costs down. With options on both the public and private side of the table, you will find big public research universities and smaller boutique selections on the menu. Arranged and evaluated geographically, you will be able to find something that is both in your neighborhood and within your budget.

The Most Elite Master’s Degrees and Post-Degree Certificates in Artificial Intelligence

When you look at the colleges mentioned in the most promising research papers published in AI today, there’s a pretty slender list of schools that keep coming up. If it’s your goal to be at the very pinnacle of AI education in a world where name recognition counts, those are the schools you want to consider. You’ll find:

All those schools can be found here in our list of… 

Top Master’s Degrees and Graduate Certificate Programs in Artificial Intelligence

You’ll find degrees all around the country, with every possible type of AI specialization. We settled only for the most elite picks for this list. No matter what course you set for yourself in the world of AI, these universities are sure to deliver you safely to shore.

Giving You the Data to Make Your Own Final Decisions

flag on top of digital mountainJust like training a generative transformer model, you’re always going to benefit from having more data when it comes to making an informed decision about your college choices. So we aren’t just giving you lists of links to enrollment applications. Instead, we have drilled down on all these programs to put together the information you need to narrow down your choices in line with your career goals.

On top of our basic analyses of quality and price, we have a standard set of information listed for each school that will influence your decision. Those data points include:

Then we go further, giving you a thumbnail portrait of what we think makes the school noteworthy beyond those basics. We took a close look at every school and pulled out highlights that might include:

While it’s not a full report on any of the individual schools, you’ll find enough comparative detail to get you focused on the options that are most likely to meet your needs. And somewhere on one of these lists, you’ll find the perfect degree to get your career going in a field that is going to change the world.