Frequently Asked Questions About Artificial Intelligence Degrees, Careers, and Concepts

If you don’t have a lot of questions about artificial intelligence, you haven’t been thinking about it enough.

At the surface, AI seems like the easiest of technologies to explain. We’ve all seen a million examples: HAL 9000, R2-D2, the weird robot kid played by Hayley Joel Osment in the movie that was even called “AI.”

So when tools like chatbots came to life, we were already primed to see them as machines that could think. And many people do.

But that’s not the whole picture. The reality of artificial intelligence today, what it means, how it works, what it takes to get started, all goes much deeper.

Artificial intelligence is a field where the more you learn, the more questions you have.

Once you start looking into the gritty details of amazing artificial intelligence breakthroughs today, they become both more amazing and more mysterious. While our human tendency to view things with human-like characteristics fools us into thinking AI is closer to consciousness than it really is, what is happening under the hood is in some ways even more incredible.

So start asking questions. You will be amazed at the answers.

Artificial Intelligence Has Only Become What It Is Today Because of People Asking Questions

To have your hands in the wiring of what could become a new kind of intelligent entity is a thought-provoking job. If this is the kind of role you are eager to take on, you will be facing a lot of hard questions that may not have clear answers. You’re going to be responsible for building a new technology that will change the world forever.

You had better be thinking hard about what it all means before you get started.

Artificial intelligence and machine learning engineers today are putting together the basic wiring of what may someday be completely independent, thinking machines.

Of course, there are many big questions around AI that don’t even get to the fantastic debates about reason, intelligence, and consciousness. There are a lot of big basic questions and practical aspects to understand:

We hit some hard questions, like what exactly artificial intelligence is, and some obvious ones, like what is the difference between machine learning and deep learning.

We also found that many of the questions that people have about AI cluster around different areas where it’s having an impact. So check out our big list of answers to questions on:

What kind of education do degrees in artificial intelligence and machine learning have to offer? Are there different degrees for different AI jobs? How hard is it to earn an AI degree and what do they cost? All these questions and more have answers you’ll find right here.

Just as mysterious as an AI education is exactly what kind of career you can make for yourself with it. AI jobs are still being defined. But you certainly will have big questions about what kind of tasks they entail, how much they pay, and in what industries you will find them. We’ll fill you in on all that information and more.

Finally, there are also sure to be big changes in jobs and the economy that flow from artificial intelligence. Questions you have about career and education will be influenced by the larger changes coming in the world that surrounds AI adoption. So we’re here to tell you about the real-world impacts coming from AI in businesses and industries you may be interested in.

Put it all together and we’ve got all the resources you need to plan your education, your career, and your future.